Podcast Ep. 6: Rachel James and Dave Preston (part 2)

In the previous episode of The Clan Artiste Podcast, we began an extended discussion with Rachel James and Dave Preston of indie folk/rock band Dearling. The conversation took some interesting turns that we didn’t want to edit, so we decided to break it into two parts. Part 2 is below! (If you haven’t heard Part 1, you can catch it here.)

We began the discussion talking about the power of artist collaboration, and how Rachel and Dave (both seasoned solo artists before they met) had blended their lives and their careers when they married. From there, the discussion went toward the importance of entrepreneurship for indie musicians, and from there to the transcendent power of music itself. A fully inspiring conversation from start to finish!

Also since Part 1 was released, Dearling has released their debut full-length album Inheritance, which is available for purchase on iTunes. At the close of this Part 2, Rachel and Dave talk about the album and how the songs came together.

dearling photo

Be sure to check out Dearling via the links below, and enjoy Part 2 of our fantastic discussion!

Dearling website
Faebook page

Musical excerpts in order of occurrence (used by permission):

Dave Preston: “Fire” (from his solo ambient album “In These Storms”)
Dave Preston: “Deep Sigh” (from “In These Storms”)
Dearling: “Do You Love Me” (from “Inheritance”)
Dearling: “Proof of Life” (from “Inheritance”)