Clan Artiste Podcast Episode 4: Composer Brian Feinstein

On this episode of the Clan Artiste Podcast, our topic is “Making the Leap” into working full-time as an artist. Our special guest is Brian Feinstein, a theatrical composer who recently made that leap for himself!

About Brian Feinstein

Based in New York City, Brian Feinstein has composed numerous off-Broadway shows, including The Top Job, Dial M for Murder and Mimi Le Duck starring the legendary Eartha Kitt. He worked with Tony-nominated director Eric Schaeffer on Girlstar, which played successfully at Washington, DC’s Signature Theatre. Additionally, Brian’s music has been featured on The Today Show and performed by the Boston Pops. His most recent effort is the family-friendly comedy Monkey Boogers!, which is currently in development as an animated series.

Making the leap…

If you desire to earn your living as an artist and are actively pursuing that goal, at some point it will be time to “make the leap”–to jump in with both feet, setting aside your “day job” or supplemental income to pursue your craft full-time. But what does that look like? What does it feel like? And how do you know when you’re ready to make that leap? Join us in a thoughtful conversation with Brian Feinstein as he shares a bit of his story and gives us a glimpse into his unique corner of the music world, as well as sharing a bit about what life is like for him since he “made the leap” into being a full-time composer for the stage. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!