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We’re delighted to introduce a whole new element to the website: The Clan Artiste Podcast! On this page you’ll find each new episode as it comes available, for instant streaming here on the site–or if you prefer, follow us on Soundcloud and download the podcasts so you can listen to them offline! We’ll be covering lots of great topics relevant to artists, and we’ll have plenty of great guests on board to tell their own stories about the artist’s life. It’s just another way for us to inform, inspire, encourage and build community as we live our shared story.

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Episode 1-Lara Ruggles: Making a Living as an Artist

As serious artists, the question nags at us: how do we make a living from our art? How do we learn to think creatively about finances so we can live creatively as artists? Our first guest, singer-songwriter Lara Ruggles, shares her own answers to these questions and more on the first episode of The Clan Artiste Podcast.
(Photo: Art Heffron)