About the Clan

About the Clan

Hi! I’m Jeff. I’m an artist–namely, a composer and songwriter. I also happen to live in a family of artists: my wife Shelby (“The Wild One”) is a professional oil painter, and my son Josh (“The Director”) is an emerging filmmaker. Together, we are an artistic tribe–a creative clan, if you will.

As a family of right-brained people living in a mostly left-brained world, we understand firsthand the challenges and issues that creative people face as we often make unconventional decisions in our quest to live by our art, and our shared journey has made us quite close as we draw encouragement from one another. We “get” one another. And we know we’re not alone: our experience is shared by anyone who is a right-brained person living in mostly left-brained world. The Clan Artiste was set up as a space to share our stories, to discuss the issues common to creative/artistic people, and hopefully in the process, to encourage each other.

Whether you are a painter, musician, sculptor, actor, dancer, filmmaker, poet or other type of artist, our hope is that you’ll find something here that encourages you on your journey, to let you know that you’re not alone.

Welcome to the Clan Artiste.

About the Clan

Shelby McQuilkin
“The Wild One”

A natural visual artist, Shelby began seriously pursuing an artistic career in her early 40s, beginning with photography and eventually moving in to oil painting. She blogs about her journey at blog.shelbymcquilkin.com.
WEBSITE: shelbymcquilkin.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/shelby.mcquilkin
TWITTER: @ShelbyFineArt


Joshua McQuilkin
“The Director”

Joshua is an emerging film writer/director whose works have shown in several film festivals, and who is currently in preparation to begin work on a feature film. He jots down his thoughts at joshuamcquilkin.tumblr.com.
WEBSITE: joshuamcquilkin.com
TWITTER: @JoshuaMcQuilkin


About the Clan
About the Clan

Jeff McQuilkin
“The Composer”

Jeff is a lifelong musician and composer whose music can be heard in all of The Director’s films (so far). He’s also the primary curator for The Clan Artiste, which means you can catch most of his blogging right here. 
WEBSITE: jeffmcquilkinmusic.com
FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/jeffmcquilkinmusic
TWITTER: @jeffmcq